Local Stories, Global Impact

Big Stories is a collaborative documentary project that sees filmmakers and small rural communities come together to tell the stories that define their hometowns.


The (mis)Adventures of Skippy in Beaudesert

It was eerie: arriving in the middle of the night, we had no idea who this guys was, we had been told that he could fix the caravan, so we went. It wasn’t till we got there, with this huge eerie house, that we were like. ‘Oh, we could die here.’ Read more →


Wonder women aren’t just for comic books….

There are so many incredible women already working hard for their rural communities, working towards a better, more prosperous future for all. We have had the absolute pleasure of working with many of these women and would love to share a few of our favourite stories. Read more →

Kelvin Filming

Storytelling can save a life…

For someone suffering from mental illness, hearing someone else tell their story, particularly someone in the media spotlight or someone that they look up to, can normalize the situation, and prove that they are not alone. Read more →


Meet Raef

Authentic, site-specific, spectacular filmmaking: Raef’s style lends itself wonderfully to presenting a genuine portrait of a community. Read more →

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