Local Stories, Global Impact

Big Stories is a collaborative documentary project that sees filmmakers and small rural communities come together to tell the stories that define their hometowns.

State Aboriginal Football carnival - 11

One day in September

Football is a cornerstone of Australian culture. From metropolitan hubs to outback towns, you can always find someone kicking a footy around.Every town we’ve visited, from Murray Bridge to Rajaampat, we always manage to find one football fanatic, though the code sometimes varies…. Read more →


Meet Matt…

“It is good for people from cities to explore rural communities in order to gain an understanding of rural life and perhaps to also gain a perspective on their own lives.” Meet Matthew Newton, the incredible photographer we will be working with in Queenstown. Read more →

Jeni and daughter

Meet Jeni…

Jeni Lee – part of the doco dream team that brought the Murray Bridge, Port Augusta and Raukkan residencies to life, and currently working with Big Stories in Coober Pedy – gives us some insight into her amazing career as a storyteller and documentary maker extraordinaire. Read more →