Big Stories Small Towns is an evolving multiplatform documentary project first launched in 2008.
Big Stories features collaborations between small town communities and filmmakers in residence. The project is shaped through extensive local consultation and participation to create stories made by both filmmakers and community members – full of love, humour, family and belonging.

Far from tales of rural dysfunction and decay, Big Stories focuses on those caring for and creating their own community. From the Longriders in Murray Bridge, the Ngarrindjeri community of Raukkan on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, the Men’s Shed in Port Augusta to the Tampuon people of Ban Lung on the edge of the jungle in Northern Cambodia, Big Stories aims to connect local stories to build a diverse and inspiring global portrait of country life.

Financed in association with Media Resource Centre Inc and South Australian Film Corporation and Country Arts SA. Financed with assistance of Screen Australia.




  • maykuntreyungscreenshot

    Vertical Films, Decisive Moments

    As part of a decidedly sporadic series of blogs slowly unpacking the Big Stories process, here’s some more … The previous post  was about Chieng from Phnom Village and I want to talk about another Phnom Village resident and Tampuon person Tel Thou, as well as introducing the idea of the Vertical Film.     […]

  • Chieng

    Chieng’s Basket

    “Why do you want to walk into town with me? It’s such a long way and I have to leave so early!” This was Chieng’s response when we asked if we could film with her as she walked from Phnom Village into Banlung market – a distance of around 5 kilometres (according to Google Maps). […]

  • Yeak Loam Lake

    A Story of Yeak Loam Lake

    Squatting on the corner of his son’s house, the old man rhythmically strips the bamboo of its green bark. We had met Peung, the Tampuon chief of Lunn Village a few times before. He’d given us a tour of the new site for Lunn village and talked about his frustrations at the slow pace of […]

  • Yung Films

    Local Content Producers

    A selection of our films have been selected for the second Cambodian International Film Festival. Woo-hoo! If you’re in Phnom Penh between the 14th and 18th of December check it out. Big Stories Banlung filmmakers Smey and Ramon Sanchez Orense will be around for the screening and looking for free drinks, so be warned. After […]