Local Stories, Global Impact

Big Stories is a collaborative documentary project that sees filmmakers and small rural communities come together to tell the stories that define their hometowns.

Telling Sabah Stories

I first met Martin Potter and Anna Grieve in Kuala Lumpur at the Asian Side of the Doc. To be honest, I hardly remember the conversation that took place at that hotel lobby between Martin and I. Everything came out in a flurry – a torrent of words and ideas… Read more →


2014: the year of big successes

Our small town big stories are being recognized as an important part of our nation’s history. If nothing else, that’s a lasting legacy that we can be proud of. Here’s to doing again in 2015. Read more →


When technology takes a holiday…

Big Stories isn’t about finding extraordinary stories, we don’t have any kind of radar or tracking equipment that tells us where to go to find these incredible people. We just pick a town, and the stories just happen to be there, because big stories are everywhere. Incredible people are everywhere. Read more →


Arts Fun(ding) in Australia

Nothing beats the feeling of watching smiling or thoughtful faces enjoying your work, it gives us the juice we need to hunker down and start working on the next round of grant applications. Read more →